How to Configure Windows Server as a Ntp Server

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The Microsoft Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 onwards has a built-in time synchronization service – ‘Windows Time’. This article describes how to configure the Microsoft Windows 2003 and Windows 2000 time service as a NTP time server. It shows how to modify registry entries to configure the Microsoft Windows Time Service. The Windows Time service allows a Windows network to provide synchronisation of all machines within a domain. More

Holiday Myspace Backgrounds for your Myspace Profile

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Myspace is now one of the top five most-visited websites in the world. Indeed, it has taken the Internet world by storm. At last count, they had more than 30 million users from around the globe. Amazing, isn’t it? This article is for regular myspace users.

A lot of changes can be made in your myspace profile to make it look more colorful, cheerful and appealing. This feature of decorating your profile is not available in most of the other social networking websites. This is one great advantage of myspace. Myspace backgrounds can be put in your profile. These are like wallpapers for myspace profile. Just like you get backgrounds or wallpapers for your desktop. Myspace backgrounds are a great way to bring charm to your profile on myspace. It is a matter of a click to add a new holiday background to your myspace profile. Once done, your profile will appear totally in sync with the current holiday. It will make your profile a more visited one for sure. Let me tell you how and from where can you put some free myspace backgrounds? More

Pop Art Master Romero Britto’s Life and Art Print

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Romero Britto is an Poster, Art Prints and Oil Painting Artist who was born in Brazil. He is famously known for creating a new form of art expression that reflects positivity towards the world around him.  Marching ahead while taking notice of works from modern and early masters, Britto’s contemporary themes, vibrant colour and pop art prints have led him to become a top contemporary artist of this generation. More

Tools are useful for storage and cleanup

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There’s more to painting than just paint, brushes, and canvas. The following tools are useful for storage and cleanup:

  • Jars: Use glass jars with lids to hold your solvents and painting mediums. You need at least two: one for clean solvent that you use as a wetting solution, and one for dirty solvent that you use to dissolve paint from your brushes. You can use old recycled pickle jars (sized to hold about 1/2 to 1 cup), or get fancy with specially made jars with a wire spiral inside them. You can find them at most art suppliers. The wire helps you clean the paint solids from your brush. The jar must be glass — solvent eats through some plastics, so use glass to be safe.
  • Pliers: Use this tool for hard-to-open tubes of paint.
  • Paint box: Use this box to store and transport your tools and paints. Some come with their own easel on the lid, which is handy to work from and to transport the painting. A plastic bin with a handle works nicely, too. Toolboxes sold at hardware stores are often more economical than a paint box sold at art supply stores. They just don’t have all the fancy compartments.
  • Soap: You can use a bar of soap in a plastic container (as for traveling) to clean your brushes and hands. You can buy special soap for cleaning brushes that does a terrific job as well.
  • Aluminum foil: Use this everyday item when you can’t clean your brushes right away. Wrap the brushes until you can clean them (always clean within an hour or so).

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Tips for Beginner Sewers

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“MAREE PIGDON SEWING CENTRE is a National Multi-Award Winning SEWING SCHOOL built on 31 years of sewing, design and teaching experience.

Maree helps women in all aspects of dressmaking and design to develop and refine their sewing skills, learn step by step garment construction, terrific tips and sewing tricks, how to fit garments to your own unique body shape, enhance figure assets and minimise problem areas. More

Flush Mount Albums

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Wedding albums are the most treasured gift a couple can have. They are the perfect way to capture moments of excitement, anticipation and love on that special day. Some people have said that the wedding day happens in a flash, that is why it is so important to have a professional photographer there to capture those special moments that would have otherwise gone unrecorded.   Once you have captured those moments display them in a professionally made flush mount album for a high quality presentation of the day you commenced your love. More

Japanese Tattoo Designs – The Only Comprehensive Guide!

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Did you know that the ancient Japanese were intricately tattooed? Relics of discovered art such as statues and pottery revealed this. And the more interesting fact is that Japanese tattoo designs were first inked on the skin of Japanese who were in the upper strata of the society then. Many Japanese history scholars formed the conclusion that Japanese tattoo designs were used in ceremonies that define the ancient Japanese standings in society and to ward off bad spirits. More

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