Wedding albums are the most treasured gift a couple can have. They are the perfect way to capture moments of excitement, anticipation and love on that special day. Some people have said that the wedding day happens in a flash, that is why it is so important to have a professional photographer there to capture those special moments that would have otherwise gone unrecorded.   Once you have captured those moments display them in a professionally made flush mount album for a high quality presentation of the day you commenced your love.

What is a Professionally Made Wedding Album?

Professionally made wedding albums are hand crafted by professionals using quality materials. They are professionally designed and are intended to tell a story of the couples wedding day from beginning to end.

Flush mount albums are the highest quality albums there are. They typically feature photographs in a creative layout that are professionally printed on photographic paper. Some album companies have even perfected the binding process so the album will lay flat when opened. Lay flat albums, also known as flush mount albums are more appealing and luxurious.

How To Design a Flush Mount Album?

To design a flush mount album you will need to work with a professional photographer.  If you have hired a professional photographer to shoot your wedding day let them know that you would like to have a flush mount album created.  You will need to let the photographer know what size album you would like as well as the type of cover you would like for the album.  Flush mount albums come in all different shapes and sizes and have numerous cover options, so it can be a bit overwhelming.  If you get too overwhelmed ask the photographer for advice, chances are they have designed flush mount albums in the past.  Next, you will need to select which pictures you would like to go into the album as well as any other ideas you would like the photographer to incorporate into the design of the album (i.e. music lyrics, quotes, dates, etc.).  Once you have chosen which pictures you would like, let the photographer take creative control.   The photographer will let you know when your flush mount album has arrived, and once you receive trust me, you will be highly impressed!


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