When you think of single color for girls bedroom, then pink and green are the most popular color choices for bedroom. Pink brings in a sense of coziness in the room while green has its own freshness as it reminds us of nature. Neutral shades like yellow and red are also good bedroom colors for girls. If she finds one single color looks boring then you can combine two different colors one her bedroom walls. Pink and lime green, pink and orange, yellow and purple are some interesting color combination that girls prefer. You can refer to interior painting.

If your girls has chosen a very bold color for her bedroom then you can soften it up using a light color at the trims or by using some stencils with complementary light color. Sometimes, girls make some strange demands like she wants black in the walls of her bedroom. For instance walls painted with bright yellow color can be toned down by affixing polka dot wall decals. You know it is not going to work as it has unpleasant sight and the room will look smaller too. In that case use some black here and there in order to please her. Read more on bedroom color schemes.

Bedroom Colors and Designs

If you use some patterns and designs to paint the wall, then it will give a more decorated look to the room. Creating stripes on the walls can make them look very attractive. Floral designs are also liked by girls so you can make different floral patterns and fill them with various complementary colors like yellow orange, light green, etc. Similarly, different types of graphic designs can also be made. You can choose a sky theme for your little girl. It will inspire the imagination of her little mind. For this, paint the entire room including the ceiling with light sky blue color. Then make some small clouds all over the place on it with the help of white paint and a smooth rag. read more on bedroom wall painting ideas.

You can also decide on a theme for the bedroom and color the walls according to that particular theme. If your daughter is a teenager and loves the beaches, then opt for a beach theme. Let the base color of the walls be light blue. In the lower portion of the walls, add light brown color to create the the beach. Before the brown color dries up, blot it up with sponge to make it look like sand. At the top side of the wall, Make white clouds by applying white paint with a sponge in any random areas. You can create a horizon by drawing a line with dark blue paint at the middle of the walls. Find more on bedroom wall colors.