Promo Software Berbayar: Buffer Zone Pro dan Zentimo

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Kali ini untuk waktu terbatas, kita bisa mendapatkan software berbayar yang cukup berkualitas secara gratis. Yang satu adalah Buffer Zone Pro merupakan software virtualisasi untuk proteksi komputer baik untuk offline maupun online dan yang kedua adalah Zentimo, software untuk memanajemen USB Flashdisk, seperti halnya USB Safety Remove yang pernah saya ulas beberapa tahun lalu. More


Girl Foot Tattoo: Finding the Right Design for You

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Girl foot tattoo is becoming more and more popular with women these days. The foot is definitely one of the most unique place where you can sport a tattoo. Just like any other tattoo though, getting a foot tattoo is a major decision. Here are some important points that you should know about foot tattoos.

The Benefits of a Foot Tattoo

People may have different reasons for getting a foot tattoo. You might still be unsure though about the advisability of getting a foot tattoo. Why would the foot be a great place for a tattoo? One major reason for this is that they aren’t as common as lower back and arm tattoos for women. Although foot tattoos are gradually becoming popular, they are still comparatively uncommon. Getting a foot tattoo will make you feel more unique than other tattooed individuals.

Foot tattoos are also less obvious compared to tattoos on other areas. This is important for some people who want to keep their tattoos discreet. You may want for example to have a tattoo of something significant but do not want to flash it outright for the whole world to see. A foot tattoo would therefore be perfect. You can have a small design that you can show or hide at your own discretion.

Girl Foot Tattoo Disadvantages

Some tattoo artists don’t do foot tattoos. This is because there can be a couple of hitches to foot tattoos. This is also most likely why the foot isn’t as popular as other tattoo sites. One major concern is that the ink on foot tattoos tends to spread, scatter or blur faster than those on other tattoos. You may have to get your tattoo re-inked more often than other tattoos.

Tattoos on the foot are also generally more painful. This is because of the foot’s flesh being close to capillaries and bones. Unless you haven’t noticed yet, most tattoos are located in areas with a lot of flesh. This minimizes the pain during the tattooing process. The pain of a foot tattoo can actually extend beyond the actual process. It shouldn’t be a surprise to you if you feel some discomfort while using your feet.

You also have to consider about your recovery and activities after getting a tattoo on foot. It can make more than two weeks for a foot tattoo to heal. In this span of time, the tattoo has to be kept dry and clean. You also have to avoid getting your tattoo rubbed. This is very difficult to do with a foot tattoo. You may have to spend the entire time away from closed shoes.


These are just some of the unique challenges of getting a foot tattoo. You might still want to get one though. If you are really bent on it then the best thing that you can do is to find an experienced tattoo artist. Remember that not everyone does foot tattoos. You should therefore pick one who knows how to do it properly and with the least pain possible. You could also settle for smaller designs. These would be ideal for feminine feet. You would also have to deal with less pain and blurring.

A girl foot tattoo can be an entirely different experience even for the avid tattoo fan. You have to be sure though that you are absolutely willing and ready to meet the unique concerns of a foot tattoo.

Mudah mem-blok Aplikasi atau Program dengan AppAdmin

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Ketika komputer atau laptop kita digunakan oleh lebih dari satu orang, kadang kita ingin privasi agar beberapa program tidak bisa dijalankan oleh orang lain. Misalnya kita ingin agar anak-anak atau orang tidak mengakses program yahoo messenger atau program lainnya. Untuk melakukan hal ini, bisa kita lakukan dengan mudah menggunakan program gratis portable AppAdmin. More

Bersihkan Sisa Uninstallasi Antivirus dengan AppRemover

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Proses uninstall software security seperti Antivirus sebenarnya tidak berbeda dengan software lainnya, tetapi tidak jarang antivirus susah di uninstall, atau kalau sudah di uninstall sering meninggalkan sisa baik file atau setting di komputer, sehingga ketika mau menginstall antivirus lainnya sering bermasalah. Untuk mengatasi hal ini, kita bisa menggunakan AppRemover. More

How to Make a Website

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In todays day and age,where computer users are increasing by large numbers monthly,the website has developed as a means of self expression or as a launch point for business pursuits.
There are countless ways of learning how to make a website using such tools as the
WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get)HTML Editor.This is basically a point and click to create program.If you want a website fast,try it. More

What Is A Flash Drive?

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Flash drive means a small storage device used for transporting of files from one computer to another. The flash drive appears slightly bigger than the stick of gum, and then also this device can carry all your homework for an entire year. Using a Flash Drive is always an amazing experience. What we used to store in paper piles now just consumerating into a small world of flash drive that is also for years unless you dont removed them. Anyone can use flash drive and also very comfortably. More

How to Connect to Another Computer Using Remote Access Software

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If you have Windows XP it has built in remote access software that helps you connect to a friends computer, by invitation, to help them by taking remote access control of their computer system. This means you could be in the USA and be helping your friend in Australia to find a solution to his or her computer problems. The technology to gain remote access to basically anyone’s computer is available on most computer users start menu. I regularly give my friends computer support from the comfort of my own home.

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